Magnificat Ministries

In addition to the Service Team, many women work as a Chair or Member of a Ministry.  These ministries are an essential part of hosting a Magnificat Breakfast.

Intercessory Prayer Team
Chairwoman:  Lynn Marlin
  • Attend a monthly Intercessory Prayer meeting
  • Pray for the needs of the Chapter, of Magnificat, and of the world
Mailing Team
Co-Chairwomen:  Clair Mey and Lucy Gizzi
  • Applies mailing labels to flyers
  • Sorts and stacks according to zip code, prepping for the bulk mailing
  • Completes mailing 5-6 weeks before the breakfast
Decorations Team
Co-Chairwomen:  Sherry Chico and Stephanie Solomon
  • Gathers materials for the arrangements
  • Prepares floral arrangements for head table
  • Prepares centerpiece for each table (may just be a bud vase)
  • Delivers and places arrangements in appropriate place before each meal
  • Picks up at end of meal, stores as needed
  • Displays Magnificat Banner at each meal
  • Organizes gift for the Speaker and possibly corsage
Clerical Team
Chairwoman:  Regina Kalisz
  • Needs computer skills and access to computer
  • Puts together information for flyers, prayer cards, etc and gets them printed
  • Distributes above products to the proper person
  • Works mostly behind the scenes and completes weeks prior to the meal
  • Takes orders for the CDs of speakers
  • Duplicates CDs of speakers
  • Distributes CDs of speakers
  • Maintains a record of the sales of CDs of speakers
Registration Team
Chairwoman:  Irene Lueckel
  • Is initial contact for newcomers
  • Receives and keeps track of all registrations
  • Answers questions concerning breakfast from possible participants
  • Includes registrations for special guests such as the speaker or other invited guests
  • Checks in participants as they arrive
  • Finalizes the count approximately 5 days before meal
  • Maintains a waiting list, if necessary
  • Keep an accounting of the monies received
  • Deposits the monies received
Website Team
Chairwoman:  Rebecca Royse
  • Develops and maintains a website for the Chapter
Tape Recording Team
Co-Chairwoman and Chairman:  Bob and Irene Carubia
  • Records the speaker's witness (thank-you to Light of Life Ministries for providing this service)
Publicity Team
Chairwoman:  Mary Minard
  • Spreads the 'good news' of the upcoming meal
  • Utilizes resources such as The Catholic Spirit, The Catholic Charismatic Renewal Office, Local Parish Bulletins, Women's Groups, Radio Stations, The Diocesan Website and Calendar
Hospitality:  Greeters Team
Chairwoman:  Cathy Merovich
  • Assists at the entrance, directs guests
  • Greets each person warmly and lovingly
  • Is sensitive to newcomers and special guests; may help them to find a table and introduce them to the hostess
  • May help guests with coats
  • Escorts the speaker to the head table
  • Takes messages or any emergency communication to the head table
  • May care for anyone who might become ill
Hospitality:  Hostesses  Team
Chairwoman:  Diane Raque
  • Views herself as a minister of God's Love
  • Is assigned to a table to greet the guests as they arrive and explain the proceedings of the day
  • Is warm and sensitive to her guests
  • Needs to be able to arrive 1 hour before the meal begins
  • Collects baskets, posters, all unused materials, etc. after the meal is finished
  • Recruits and encourages new participants.  A flyer is provided for each participant at the meal.  The hostess would help explain the commitment of the volunteer work and would encourage them to return and/or volunteer as needed.
  • Confirms with the Chairwoman that she is able to be at the next breakfast and serve as a Hostess.
Music Team
Co-Chairwoman:  Carla Comer
Co-Chariwoman:  Annette Allessio
  • Provides music during the breakfast
Membership Team
Chairwoman:  Gina Staggs
  • Keeps the roll of members
Books Team
Chairwomen:  Gospa Missions
  • Orders books within a given budget or on consignment
  • Inventories each shipment upon arrival
  • Keeps an inventory of books on hand or ordered on consignment
  • Transports books to each meal
  • Sets up books for display
  • Sells books before and/or after each meal
  • Stores books or returns them to suppliers if on consignment
  • Submits monies with income voucher to finance officer as soon as possible.
  • Keeps accounting records