March Chapter Meeting

7 TO 9 PM
 All are welcome to attend this meeting.
 We will begin with prayer and songs of praise and worship and then take a short time to share our thoughts on a quote from Kathy Switzer's witness from the March 2nd breakfast, "My greatest difficulty was God's greatest opportunity".  How can we apply Kathy's quote to the difficulties in our lives?   "All things work to the good of those called according to His purpose" Rms. 8:28
  We would also like to take a short time for evaluation and feedback from this breakfast.  It would be most helpful if our Advisory Board (committee chairwomen) could offer any insights as to improvement for future breakfasts. Please email Pat or Mary with your suggestions if you are unable to attend.
Areas to consider for evaluation would be  hospitality, registration, publicity,
music, book ministry, service team coordination efforts, Lakeview, decorations, etc.
We are particularly interested in any responses to Fr. Fred's teaching on
the gift of tongues.   Was the teaching helpful? What were the responses from those at your tables?
Please bring your comments so that we may improve this ministry and make it as effective as the Lord wills it to be.
We will close with the Rosary and a prayer to send Mary Paul off to New Orleans as our representative to the International Magnificat Conference.
May the Lord richly bless each one of us and our families this lent.
Our Lady of Grace, pray for us.