August 2013 Prayer Breakfast

Saturday, August 24, 2013
9:00am - NOON
Lakeview Resort (Click here for directions.)
Speaker: Joan Ulicny

Registration is now closed. We will see you on Saturday!

Joan Ulicny is a native of Pittsburgh, a graduate of Penn State University and the American University of Washington, D.C.
Hired by IBM World Trade Corporation in New York in 1982, Joan embarked on a career path that brought her international travel, material rewards, and prestige. "Truly, I was living a dream," Joan says.
That dream ended on December 2, 1986 in a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler truck. "Life as I knew it ended," Joan says. "It had to - God had other plans."
Joan will share her story of conversion brought about by the accident that left her legally blind, brain damaged, and a victim of a stroke. In her 18 months of physical and cognitive rehabilitation, Joan gave little thought to spiritual rehabilitation.
But, God had other plans.
In 1988, Joan traveled to Medjugorje in search of physical healing for her sight. She returned home physically unchanged, but spiritually a transformation would slowly occur. The Blessed Mother would inspire Joan to write her story and call it "A GREATER VISION." It would be Our Lady, also, who would give Joan the courage to write about her own abortion experience and share with other the healing she found in reconciling with the God she had long ignored and would never have approached had the accident not occurred. "This is why the accident was a blessing and how my blindness has become my vision," Joan says now.