August 2014 Prayer Breakfast

Saturday, August 23, 2014
9:00am - NOON
Lakeview Resort (Directions)

Speaker: Kay Gargarella

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Catherine Mazza Gargarella was born on a farm in Washington, PA. on March 29th 1924. Her father died when she was just two years old and her mother was 6 months pregnant with her ninth child. Because of the hardship placed on the now fatherless family, Kay was given to her mother’s family in Pittsburgh to be raised. She was unable to see her mother again for the next 10 years. Kay graduated from high school at 16 and married her husband, Vince Gargarella, at age 17. They raised three children together and remained happily married for nearly 50 years before Vince died of cancer.

Kay has always been a working woman whether in the business world or in her church. She was employed by Chico Dairy for 18 years and, as a support to Vince, was instrumental in the origination of Christian Help in Morgantown. Her natural gift of compassionate love for everyone she met was inflamed after a spiritual renewal in the Holy Spirit at Notre Dame University. The Holy Spirit spurred in her a profound outreach to the materially and spiritually poor and those fruits have blanketed her community with both comfort and hope. It would take volumes to contain her many deeds of mercy to God’s people.

All who have met her have been touched for the better. Kay will share how the hardship in her own life prepared her to minister to God’s people and how in giving she received.

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